Crane is one of the services that can be very helpful in difficult times where our vehicle is unexpectedly damaged by accident. Flatbed towing car is a type of heavy vehicle that functions to tow vehicles that are experiencing problems so that they cannot run again such as having a traffic accident or severe engine damage. The shape of the tow truck itself has a car head shaped like a truck with the back of a tool and space to transport or tow the car. Usually, tow trucks are only able to transport one car at a time. There are also various types of tow trucks. This type of tow truck by lifting the front or rear wheels of the car is usually done to tow the car parked carelessly.

This was done because the towed car was in an active parking brake condition so that the part that carried out the braking process would be lifted and the car was running with one footing. This type of car is usually used to “scratch” the cars that break the rules and carelessly parking. A crane is a method of towing a car by hauling it over the back. This type of tow truck is usually used to deliver new cars from dealers to customers and transport luxury cars to repair shops due to damage experienced. The car that was transported by a crane had suffered so much damage that the car was completely unable to run. Hydraulic cranes have almost the same shape as a crane, the difference is the method or method when transporting a car.

The haulage of the tow truck will be lowered to the lowest part and then the car will be raised just above the haulage. The tow truck will lift the car with hydraulic technology embedded in it. This type of crane is usually used to transport flatcars or cars that have low ground clearance so that the bottom of the car will not rub against the surface of the conveyance.