Most of us are familiar with natural wood color paint as material for varnish wood products. Applying natural wood color paint can create the appearance of gloss and luxury on furniture in your home. Especially if you use the right services from exterior painting woodstock that can provide the best results for painting on wood materials.

Here is more information about using wood color paint appropriately, so that you can get a maximum display of wood furniture.

Know the types of wood for furniture
Naturally, each type of wood has a different color. Some even look striped and need uniformity of color. For that, make sure you understand the types of wood from each furniture to be painted. For example, furniture made from teak wood. In terms of appearance alone, you can already find a lot of eye wood and blue stain marks so that the natural color is not perfect.

On the other hand, there is also furniture that uses pine wood. This is the type of wood that is most used by furniture craftsmen because the fibers are smooth and the wood line motifs that are owned look so aesthetic. Unfortunately, this pine wood material also has a large amount of eye wood, so that the flow of oil is very visible. There is also a type of wooden furniture made from waste materials, which is called recycle wood. Because it is formed from a different wood color, the furniture made from recycled wood also has a different color.

Guide to uniform wood colors
Now, after you understand the type of wood that is used, then this is the right time to uniform the color of the wood. This process can be done before the finishing stage with varnish or varnish. You can use wood color paint that matches the dominant color carried by the wood. Previously, first do the controls on wood surfaces with wood stain. Brush lightly and evenly, so the furniture has a uniform color tone. Allow drying completely before lacquer or coating.