The roof is a vital element to protect a building from the hot sun and heavy rain. For roof installation, of course, it will be integrated with the supporting frame construction. Before determining mild steel as a frame, you should first adjust to the variations in the model needed and the formation of the roof frame must be adjusted to the load. If the frame of the building construction uses mild steel, you should also use a lightweight steel roof so that the weight is ideal and it is safe. We also suggest you hire some of the best commercial roofers near your area so they can help you ensure the safety of your roof.

The simplest way to determine the quality of mild steel is to see the tensile stress and with minimum tensile stress of 550 MPa, the building conditions will be sturdy to support the roof load.

In the field of mild steel, it is known as SAE grade which is used as a benchmark for quality and mild steel which has the best quality has SAE grade 980. SAE grade value is seen from small to large, the greater the value, the better the quality of mild steel in resisting tensile stresses.

How to determine mild steel can also be done by looking at the anti-corrosion layer that is used and there are 2 popular anti-corrosion layers, namely galvanized layer with galvalume layer. Galvanized mild steel is usually sold at very affordable prices.

The advantage of galvanized mild steel is that it can withstand a variety of cement mixes, but does not last long against saltwater. Whereas mild steel with galvalume coating has strength in resisting corrosive substances, but it is not strong against cement mixture and its use is mostly in coastal areas.

Generally, mild steel does have a thin form when compared to conventional steel and mild steel is very light to lift, this makes mild steel more flexible for forming the roof truss of a building.

The installation process must be done properly, so as to avoid the risk of warping and the wrong steel being installed can also cause roof collapse. The amount of buffer or bracing must be adjusted to the needs of the building, so the condition of the building can stand firm for a long time.