The explanation came based on the approach of psychology related to mass possession. As explained in the previous article about possession, seen from a psychological perspective, that possession is one of the psychological disorders that cause a person to be unable to remember one’s identity either temporarily or in a period of time. However, if you feel that you suffer from possession due to unexplainable causes, we recommend you try reiki toronto.

This possession could occur because of the phenomenon of stress, trauma, or because of a pile of certain psychological problems that were previously buried under consciousness which eventually “exploded”. However, when will “explode” or overflowed depends on the ability of individuals to control their condition.

Someone who does not know how to overflow or express emotions properly can be vulnerable to possessed. This could have happened as a result of the in the expression of emotions within themselves so that possession occurred which was then associated with ghosts or spirits in earlier times. In fact, it can be said that possession and exorcism efforts are a prototype of modern psychotherapy.