Many good things can be taught to children from an early age and make it be a habit until adulthood. Because no matter how small the behavior does not protect the environment can harm the condition of the Earth and the survival of all beings in it. The actions of parents and the neighborhood are the best examples that children can take as a reference. Having a healthy and clean environment such as at the kentridge hill residence can make children have a habit of keeping their environment healthy and clean too. You can try the following some ways so that children are interested in and accustomed to caring about the environment.

Keep the environment clean
This method is the basis for instilling children’s care for the environment. You must model and familiarize children to dispose of trash in its place. Also, getting children to throw trash in its place can make them practice distinguishing types of waste, starting from organic and non-organic waste.

Save money on electricity and water
Caring for the environment can be done by saving energy, such as electricity and water. You can teach your child to turn off the TV if not watched, turn off the water tap after bathing, open the window during the day so that it does not use air conditioning, and does not turn on the lights when it is still bright.

Don’t forget to invite your child to participate in Earth Hour, you. You can teach them what are the benefits of it. Children must be interested in participating!

Minimize the use of private vehicles
Although the public still often uses private vehicles, you can get children used to public transportation. At kentridge hill residence, you can ask your child to take the MRT or the train as the main transportation. Besides, children can learn many things by using public transportation.