Both types of sports are almost the same. Softball is a game sport that is the result of the development of baseball with the difference that is located in the diameter of the ball used. Baseball uses a hardball, while softball uses a ball that has a softer texture or shape. Softball or known as softball is a team ball sport consisting of two teams. Softball was born in the United States, created by George Hancock in the city of Chicago in 1887. Softball is a development of a kind of sport that is baseball or hardball. Softball is currently 28-30.5 centimeters in diameter; The ball is thrown by a pitcher and becomes the target of the opposing player, the ball batter using the USSSA fastpitch bat. There is a squad on guard (defensive) and a hitting team (offensive). Each team competes to collect run by circling three runner base markers to touch the final markers, the home plate.

Softball balls are several inches larger than a baseball. A smaller baseball has a size similar to a tennis ball. The method of throwing is different, Softball is thrown from the bottom up, while Baseball from the top is straight in the direction of the Batter. The size of the field is different. Despite having the same shape, but the size of the Baseball field is bigger than Softball. Pitcher area in baseball has a mound called the Mount while Softball is average. But both have a Plate (a kind of long rectangular base) as a pitcher.

On this plate there is also a difference, in the ball when throwing a pitcher can touch the plate just by placing one foot, while on softball it is required to put both feet on the plate. In terms of play, there are rules called stealing or stealing bases. If the batter or hitter has reached base 1.2 or 3, then in the next batter’s turn the runner who is in the base can leave the base as far as 3 steps and run to the next base with the condition the ball has been released from the pitcher throw.