One of the biggest challenges facing new archers is to shoot in windy conditions. Especially when hunting who must pay attention to this to get the right target. Using the best crossbow for the money can be a solution so that when hunting more comfortable with the crossbow used. But how to deal with this situation? So as not to panic and stay in control of the situation?

1. Trust your shots & be aggressive
You have to be confident, when it’s windy, don’t panic and question everything. Remember the basics of aiming at your target, self-confidence will make you take a strong shot. Even if the wind pushes the arrow, it will be less affected if you shoot a good and strong shot.

2. Use what you have
Know where the wind is blowing, maybe you can read the wind and watch the leaves or trees around. Shoot your arrows when the wind doesn’t blow too hard.

3. Strengthen your physique
To take strong and aggressive shots in windy conditions, you need a strong body that can be stable under the influence of the wind. You will find many options to build this strength, how to do enough bodyweight training such as push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

4. Should you tilt your sight or bow when aiming?
One of the tricks most often used to deal with wind is “aiming.” In other words, go left or right (or high or low) from the point you want to go, to compensate for the wind. For example, say the wind blows from left to right.

To reach your destination, you can aim at the left side of the target, knowing that the wind will bring your arrow further to the right, so the hope is that the arrow will hit right in the middle.

5. Practicing, practicing, and practicing
The only way to become better at archery in windy conditions is to practice. Try to find a windy location to carry out this exercise.