Spinal pain is pain that occurs in any part of the vertebrae of the neck (cervical bone), upper and middle back (thoracic bone), lower back (lumbar bone), and/or coccyx (sacral bone). The spine is susceptible to injury, disturbance, or strain because of its main function which is to hold the posture and body load. The backcast is also very involved in upper body movements, such as turning and bending. Pain can occur due to a sudden injury or due to gradual overuse. Therefore, you need to visit chiropractor singapore.

Pain can occur in any specific area of ​​the spine or along the backbone. Most pain is temporary. However, pain can also be chronic and recur.

Common symptoms that can be felt when the spine hurts are:

The lower back feels stiff making it difficult to move
The posture becomes abnormal
Muscle cramps occur during activity or rest
The pain or pain lasts 10-14 days
Loss of motor functions such as tiptoe
Fever until it feels chills
Slow reflexes
Unusual weight gain or loss.