Today, the function of the bathroom is not only used to clean it yourself, you know. Because now many people have designed the bathroom in such a way that it can be used for relaxation purposes. Applying a luxury bathroom design you can do to create an area filled with a holiday atmosphere. Starting from the design with a vintage atmosphere to the bathtub that can float up to the arrangement of

1. A timeless vintage design
As many people know, designs that look old school indeed will never run out of time. The proof, this one bathroom design can present a luxurious atmosphere with all the classic furniture. Moreover, the exotic-looking chandelier sweetens the look of the room with a white nuance.

2. A Touch of Luxury from the Doormat Fur
Showing luxury can be done in many ways, one of which is to equip the bathroom with one striking thing. In this case, the bath mat with a very dominating appearance in this bathroom is a great example to build a luxurious atmosphere.

3. Glamorous Atmosphere Hanging Lights
If you usually find a chandelier in the living room or the middle, it doesn’t hurt to apply it in your bathroom too. As you can see, the touch of the chandelier in the bathroom adds a glamorous atmosphere that spoils the eyes.

4. Bathtub with Artificial “Rain”
This one design is perfect for you, it displays a bathroom with a display that has never been seen before. The giant shower feature that spouts water like rain combined with a modern bathtub design is a luxury that not many people can enjoy.

5. Shiny appearance with a combination of gold and marble
It is no secret that the color of gold and marble-based material is something that can display luxury in a room. If you like the combination of both, maybe this one design inspiration can steal your heart.

6. Elegant Mood with White Domination
White domination with unique details that liven up the room is a simple design that can evoke an elegant atmosphere in a room. An example is the application of the floor with a zig-zag pattern and marble texture on the sink that makes this bathroom look characterized.