Web pages on the internet have lots of links that lead to other websites. We usually click the link to move to another page or download a file. But not all links are true, there are also links that are fake and lead to different destinations, the link may contain viruses. The link that contains the virus is spread on many web pages and e-mails. Therefore be careful if there is a suspicious link, do not click on the link. Unfortunately, if your computer is already damaged due to viruses, we suggest you bring it to Computer Repair San Antonio.

In addition to staying away from suspicious links, we advise you to use 2 steps verification. 2 steps verification is a security feature that is useful for verifying whether the user who will log in is really the owner of the account. This feature has been provided at Google, Microsoft, and others. By turning on the 2 steps verification feature, after entering the password you will be asked for a verification key that will be sent to your cellphone, so the possibility of your account being hacked can be minimized with this feature.