How to design a friendly home for the elderly? What are the things that must be considered in your home when there are family members who are seniors or maybe you when at home? Most of us have a dwelling, but maybe we forget whether the dwellings we have now are suitable for all family members, especially for senior people or elderly? So that our house seemed to be changed, it felt like uncomfortable anymore, and what most felt by most people in our house/dwelling becomes inaccessible anymore. Especially when we use a wheelchair, when dealing with stairs it is a frightening spectre. That is why it is best to choose stairlifts birmingham to use in your house.

How do you choose a stairlift that is used by parents to access up and downstairs? This stairlift guide contains tips on choosing the ideal stairlift, so you don’t get the wrong choice in determining the right stairlift to use for you or your parent. The most important points that must be considered in choosing this stairlift is the minimum wide needed. Various stairs have different widths too, but not all stairlifts can accommodate stairs that have limited land. The solution is where the width of the minimum stairs that can be adapted to this feature is 65cm. Besides, the installation made it possible to be clamped to the wall, only needing about 7cm distance from the wall by the railing. A good stairlift also produces a smooth sound, and calm when travelling up and down. So it is also convenient for users and all members of the house.

High capacity, also shows how reliable the stairlift can be relied upon. Choose the one that presents a stairlift with a maximum capacity of up to 180 kilograms, very extraordinary. Those are some stairlift guide points that can be considered for you, hopefully, it can help you to consider the right stairlift to be mounted on the steps of your home. You can consult for free, and the professional can visit your home to conduct surveys and measurements from your home stairs.